Camp Staff

Our staff are a diverse mix of ages, backgrounds and experience brought together by their interest in working with children. We look for a combination of personnel with a strong background in one of our particular program areas (sports, aquatics, adventure, or the arts). From year to year Golden Slipper Camp has plenty of returning staff but there is always room to add new, energetic and exciting staff to our camp family.

Who Are GSC Staff?

Village Leaders

Male and female upper staff, in charge of 4 to 6 bunk groups (40-60 campers) and their counselors. Reporting to the Camp Director, Village Leaders are responsible for the adjustment and welfare of each camper and staff member under their supervision; wake-up, bedtime, village programming; general camp administration; parental contact; and staff evaluations. Village Leaders are mature camp people with an excellent background as camp counselor.


Counselors are the back bone of any camp. At Golden Slipper Camp counselors work in teams of two in a cabin with 8 to 10 campers, looking after their general welfare from wake-up to bedtime, including meals, inspection, showers and evening programs. During the day, most counselors work at a specific activity in which they have a strong background and are comfortable teaching. Counselors must be high school graduates.


Specialists are staff members who coordinate one of our pool, lake, adventure or arts & crafts programs during the day. Specialists are also fully involved in all aspects of camp programming for the entire camp day with certain extra responsibilities (such as driving). These positions require the proper certifications and experience.

Support Staff

We also hire several people for specialized positions, including Wellness Center Staff and Kitchen Staff. These people must be proficient in their particular areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

1When Should I apply?
The earlier you apply, the better your chances will be of getting the job you want. We start our hiring process in November. By having your application in early, it helps to find the best position for your qualifications.
2How long is the camp season?
Staff training begins the third week of June, and camp runs until the middle of August. Please look under Info for an updated yearly calendar.
3How often are days off?
Golden Slipper Camp runs two separate sessions each summer. Each session there will be one day off from 12:35 p.m. until 9:30 a.m. the next day. You will also receive two early nights a week (6:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.). Staff members are allowed to leave camp on four nights each week, in the evening after their campers have gone to bed (after 10:30 p.m.). All staff have a 12:30 a.m. curfew.
4How old is most of the staff?
Most staff members at Golden Slipper Camp are between 18 and 25 years of age. We do have many staff members in their late 20’s and 30’s. Most counselors are in college and the average age is 20. Virtually all Village Leaders and many of our specialists are college graduates and professionals who are able to take the summer off and come to camp.
5Where does most staff come from?
Many staff members are from the Greater Philadelphia area. But we also have staff from all across the United States such as Florida, Texas, Colorado etc… with a smaller percentage coming from Europe and Australia. Golden Slipper Camp is the ideal place to meet and make friendships with people from all corners of the earth.
6Do staff live with campers?
All counselors live with and care for campers. Specialists and support staff live in staff cabins.
7Does the camp provide laundry service?
Staff can send their laundry out with our laundry service for free. This is a weekly service. We also have laundry facilities on camp grounds connected to our Counselor Retreat.
8How much and when will I be paid?
Golden Slipper Camp offers competitive salaries. Your salary will depend on you age, position, certifications and experience. Golden Slipper Camp also provides room and board. Your contracted salary is divided in two and paychecks are distributed at the end of each session. Any mandatory deductions (due to government regulations) will be withheld from your total salary.
9Are there computers and internet access at camp?
Yes, we have computers in our Counselor Retreat with wireless connections. As well as a large screen TV and a lounge area.