Meet Our Year Round Staff

Every summer we have over a hundred counselors, junior counselors, and specialists come to our camp to help make each summer the summer of a lifetime. However during the cold winter months we have a small group of year round staff that work diligently to get camp ready for the Summer. Each of them help in making camp a reality for our campers and staff.

Meet Our Board


Dean Siegel*

Vice President

Larry Bergen
Bobby Schiller*
Cynthia Stein

Assistant Vice President

Stacey Cylinder*
Dan Grabell
Sam Newsham*
Elisa Seeherman (Camp Council)


Larry Bressler

Assistant Treasurer

Craig Siegel*


Victoria Stephen*

Assistant Secretary

Amanda Perri*


Howard Batterman
Neil Jacobson
Bill Novick
Jeff Poppel

Members at Large

Todd Jacobs*
Andi Seitchik (Camp Council)
Aaron Steinberg

Assistant(s) to the President

Rob Chalfin*
Ed Levin*
* = GSC Alumnus/a (camper and/or counselor)

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